Mungabareena Reserve and Water Works

Mungabareena Reserve and Water Works

The Gift of Nature in Albury, New South Wales

One of the best places to include in your Albury itinerary is Mungabareena Reserve and Water Works. It is a perfect place to unwind, feel the breeze, and enjoy the bountiful gifts of nature.

Located at Borella Road Albury, New South Wales, this popular spot is where cultural heritage happily mixes with recreation like salt and water. The aboriginal people in the region held Mungabareena close to their hearts. It is here where they met and traded before hunting for Bogong moths.

Nature and wildlife: The Murray River

Nature and wildlife: The Murray River

The Murray River, which stretches 2,700 kilometres from east to west, was inhabited by the aboriginal people for thousands of years. Now a favourite spot for recreational activities, this waterworks area is further upstream from Mungabareena.

Wildlife abounds in this bountiful water source. Lined with massive red gum forests, wetlands, and sandy beaches, you could come across fauna – birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

You can watch wood ducks wading through the water or rainbow bee-eater hunting insects for dinner. Additionally, you can set up picnic tables along the banks of the Murray River and bond with family and friends. You will delight in discovering and enjoying nature’s pristine beach here.

Experience the Murray River and get insights into the indigenous culture of its first inhabitants. Once a dominant region during the pioneer era, it is now the centre of social, sports, and cultural activities.

Your Albury trip would not be complete if you miss out on the fun activities and exciting places in Mungabareena Reserve and Water Works – just contact your Albury accommodation to help with your itinerary. Why not stay with us at Garden Court Motel?

Exciting activities to make your trip to Albury even more memorable

Exciting activities to make your trip to Albury even more memorable

Outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing, playing golf, or simply basking in the glorious sun, are fun and exciting and there is a wide range of outdoor adventures to suit all types of travellers. Here are a few popular activities for tourists:

Albury water activities


The Murray River offers a good catch of Australia’s largest freshwater fish: The Murray cod. Trout, redfin, and golden perch are the most commonly caught species from the shore or boat. The Murray region’s twin lakes of Hume and Mulwala is home to Cod Classic – one of Australia’s most popular fishing competitions.

Water skiing

The Murray River is a popular water hub for water skiing enthusiasts. You can take lessons from professionals and enjoy the water sport as you glide through the tranquil waters. Also, check out other popular locations like Lake Mulwala at Yarrawonga, Mulwala, and Lake Hume near Albury, Wodonga.

Canoeing and Kayaking

What better way to connect with the river than to paddle your way around it? Hire a canoe and paddle your way around the calm lower Murray River or discover the enchanting beauty of Lake Mulwala on a guided kayak tour. If you have the stamina, sign up to join the Massive Murray Paddle (Murray Marathon) – one of the longest canoe races in the world.


You could rent a houseboat and navigate the river at your own pace, docking at different parts of the river and stop by at the restaurants, wineries, and golf courses. You don’t have to worry because water levels in the river remain constant. All you need is an unexpired driver’s licence.


Marvel at the majestic surroundings of Lake Mulwala. Join a 1.5-hour luncheon cruise or 2-hour sunset dinner cruise. Enjoy the tranquil waters while drinking coffee or tea and delight in kiosk items available aboard the cruise ship.

Albury sports


The Murray’s mild climate makes golf courses a go-to for golf enthusiasts. Head over to the local resorts where you can tread lush greens and view the iconic Murray red gums.


Take advantage of the flat terrain in the Murray region. Ride your bike and explore the scenic riverside trails along the Murray River. You can take leisurely rides following the river or go off-road.

Walking and Hiking

The Murray region’s mild weather is ideal for walking and hiking. See local wildlife as you follow various tracks traversing the region. You might come across native birds, kangaroos, and other timid wildlife on your trek. Get insights into the aboriginal heritage as you connect with varied landscapes teeming with legendary river stories.

Albury swimming

Summer is almost here. The sizzling heat of the sun would make you want to take a dip into the cold waters of some of the secret swim spots in Albury. But before you do, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and take heed of precautions in the area.

WaterWorks Albury – You will find a charming old wooden bridge crossing the Murray at Water Works bend after a five-minute drive from Albury’s Central Business District. The WaterWorks is an ideal spot to relax and soothe the senses.

Bay below Lake Hume Resort – It is a fascinating bay on the shores of Lake Hume just below Lake Hume Resort. It is the best spot to lay out picnic tables and enjoy the view from the sandy beach.

Kiewa River – Kiewa River at the Parklands, Killara provides a unique experience in a naturally intricate river. The nearby Killara Parklands are perfect for bird watching and picnics with family and loved ones.

Noreuil Park – Locals have been dipping in this cold haven for generations. The river gums provide ample shade to well-manicured lawns. Here you have plenty of space for picnic tables and barbeques or grab a bite of riverside food from River Deck Café.

Other activities

Other activities


How does sleeping under the stars sound to you? The warm and dry climate of the Murray region makes some of the most exhilarating camping locations. Pack your camping essentials and drive the family caravan to one of the many holiday parks in Murray. You could also join a tour with a local Aboriginal guide. Just make sure you follow camping rules and guidelines.

Road trips

Enjoy the scenic landscapes as you traverse the Murray region. Make your Murray River adventure fun and exciting by stopping at various towns in New South Wales. Head off along the Murray to Albury Wodonga and learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage by visiting captivating historical sites.

Art and culture

Local museums offer a glimpse of the history of the region. Learn and appreciate ancient heritage – how the early settlers lived until the glorious days. The newly refurbished Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) boasts an impressive collection of arts and crafts. Through the works of various artists, poets, writers, the rich history and culture of the region are brought to life in local museums down the river.

Spa and wellbeing

Nature’s business takes its course. The Murray’s mix of nature and wildlife offers tranquillity to mind, body, and soul. Take time to relax and indulge in spa treatments and well-being therapies. Hot stone massage using rocks from the river restores natural rhythms in the mind and body. Join yoga classes by the water or take art classes. 

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