Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga

Check out the places you can visit within a few hours’ drive from Albury-Wodonga

You’ll find Albury-Wodonga if you take a road trip across northern Victoria and southern New South Wales. This laid-back and peaceful area is located on the well-travelled road between Sydney and Melbourne.

What’s happening in Albury?

If you’re visiting Albury and Wodonga, are short on time but want to see everything you can enjoy in the city, don’t worry. You’ll be relieved to learn that everything is just a short distance from your Albury accommodation.

Nowadays, Albury-Wodonga is a spot where you’ll want to spend extra time in. There’s a thriving local arts scene, as well as an exciting culinary scene to enjoy. There are also bike trails to follow, water sports to cool down with, and colourful local history.

Albury is a delightful little city with a vibrant cultural heritage and distinct personality. Albury is a hotspot in its own right and not just something you just pass by on your way from Sydney to Melbourne. And that is all thanks to its flourishing cultural scene, breathtaking Botanic Gardens, rising food culture, and Albury accommodations. The things you can do in a day in Albury are just too numerous!

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

10 Inspiring Things To Do On An Albury-Wodonga Day Trip

Here’s a list of the ten best things to do on Albury-Wodonga day trips, courtesy of the team here at Garden Court Motel, Albury.

  • Go on a whole-day shopping spree
  • Enjoy the food and beverage scene
  • Murray River water activities
  • Take a walk and unwind at Albury Botanic Gardens.
  • See contemporary indigenous art at the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk
  • Get in touch with your creative side at MAMA
  • Entertain yourself with a variety of productions and shows
  • Travel back in time with a fun heritage walking tour
  • Salute fallen soldiers and see the view from Monument Hill
  • Relive the history of the Bonegilla Migrant Centre
Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

1. Go On A Whole-Day Shopping Spree

Albury-Wodonga is where many of Australia’s big retail chains are located. Still, there are plenty of quirky local shops and small businesses to explore. Books on Dean is a must-see for book aficionados. It’s a bookstore that specialises in rare and publications no longer printed. If you’d like to shop for quirky clothes or gifts, don’t worry. Di Billiet Homewares and Hello Darling both offer a wide selection of gifts, apparel, and household items.  

Uninterested in trinkets and would rather shop for food items? Don’t miss the Albury-Wodonga Farmers’ Market to taste the region’s fantastic fresh produce. Take the opportunity to mingle with local farmers and artisan food business owners. Every second Saturday, it takes place near the river. After a day trip of shopping, you can rest easy in your accessible Albury accommodation. Garden Court Motel is situated in the heart of Albury, close to all the action.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

2. Enjoy The Food And Beverage Scene

Albury and Wodonga definitely have a diverse range of culinary experiences to offer. Surely, you can find many good places to eat around. The River Deck cafe in Albury, which is located in the picturesque Noreuil Park. The café features a fantastically global menu and overlooks the beautiful Murray River.

Combine a visit to the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) with a meal at the gallery’s Canvas Eatery. Here, fresh local ingredients are artfully transformed into creative delicacies. An easy drive from Wodonga, Bistro Selle has a modern European menu.

If you want to get Asian cuisine, Din Dins on Townsend Street is the place for you. Finally, The Proprietor, located directly across the street, is one of Albury’s oldest buildings and provides innovative cuisine. From street food to fine dining, Albury and Wodonga have you covered.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

3. Murray River Water Activities

Float down the Murray River in the summer with the Albury locals to beat the heat.  Never underestimate the cool water – even on the hottest day. The cool water temperature will definitely shock you and freshen you up.

Aside from swimming, Kayaking and canoeing are two other popular river activities here. If you’d like, you could head to the neighbouring Lake Hume for a better variety of water activities. It’s only a 15-minute drive from Albury-Wodonga and is ideal for boating, paddle boarding, fishing, yachting, and water skiing.

Wonga Wetlands, 10-minute drive west of Albury-Wodonga, is a habitat of man-made pools and lagoons. It has six bird sanctuaries that allow visitors to watch the birds without disturbance. Here they have over 155 known resident species. So, if you’re an avid birdwatcher, this day trip location is for you.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

4. Take A Walk And Unwind At Albury Botanic Gardens

There are numerous walking and cycling trails in both city centres for those who enjoy getting out and about. For a great day trip, make your way to the lovely Albury Botanic Gardens for a relaxing stroll.

This marvellous garden, which dates back to 1877, features shady trees, landscaped flower beds, and a series of winding footpaths. A vast collection of rainforest flora can also be found here.

This is perfect for a family day trip as there are many sights to see and activities to do in the gardens. It is also near multiple Albury accommodations, including Garden Court Motel, which makes it convenient.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

5. See Contemporary Indigenous Art At The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

The Wiradjuri First People have long lived in Albury-Wodonga, which was then inhabited by Europeans in the 1830s. The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk is 5km in length and features 11 outstanding sculptures made by the local Indigenous artisans that are representative of the region’s cultural history and traditions.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

6. Get In Touch With Your Creative Side At MAMA

Another of the finest reasons to visit the Albury-Wodonga region is its thriving cultural scene. Check out the stunning Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) for a wholesome and profound contemporary art experience. It is complete with international touring exhibitions and strong ties to the city’s regional environment and cultural identity. MAMA also offers interactive workshops to help you express your creative side.

The Albury Library Museum and the Albury Entertainment Centre are just around the corner, on Kiewa Street. The Albury Library Museum has a permanent display dedicated to the city’s history, so there’s plenty to take in.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

7. Entertain Yourself With A Variety Of Productions And Shows

At the rustic Butter Factory Theatre, part of a dairy erected in 1928, the Hot House Theatre delivers powerful Australian playwriting. The building was converted into a professional theatre and became the home of Hot House Theatre in 1997. Located in the Gateway Village arts district, the theatre features exciting shows that will entertain and make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus is Australia’s National Youth Circus. It is regarded as one of the world’s top-performing arts organisations. They always pack a thrilling and breathtaking performance. You might get lucky and catch a show going on locally. They are indeed Australia’s “most influential circus company,” according to ArtsHub. They continue to enhance the lives of many young Australians all over the country.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

8. Travel Back In Time With A Fun Heritage Walking Tour

Download a heritage walking tour map and guide to learn more about Albury’s fascinating history. The Old Albury Court House, St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Botanic Gardens, and the Waterstreet Hotel are among the 21 noteworthy sites featured.  The Albury railway station features the longest undercover platform in Australia due to renovations over the years. This is an ideal day trip for people looking to immerse themselves in Albury’s history. It is also easy to get to from Garden Court Motel. Perfect!

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

9. Salute fallen soldiers and see the view from Monument Hill

The Albury War Memorial, a stark white memorial to dead soldiers, is situated atop Monument Hill and faces the city’s major road. The monument, designed by architect Louis Harrison, was dedicated to the men and women who served in the First World War on Anzac Day in 1925.  A hike up to the monument is beautiful, educational, and beneficial to one’s health.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

10. Relive the history of the Bonegilla Migrant Centre

From 1947 until 1971, the Bonegilla Migrant Centre housed almost 300,000 migrants. It’s now a painful and powerful reminder of what life was like for migrants arriving from overseas in the mid-twentieth century. Only Block 19 survives the original 24 blocks that once housed banks, churches, and sports fields. There was also a cinema, hospital, police station, and train platform in the area. Former inhabitants of the camp’s audio recordings show the aspirations and experiences of Australia’s post-war migrants.

Recommended Day Tours from Albury-Wodonga » Albury-Wodonga

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