Albury Botanic Gardens

Albury Botanic Gardens

History and nature in one spectacular location

Come immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the Albury Botanic Gardens, here in the heart of Albury, New South Wales. Over the 130 plus years our gardens have been established, they have won many prizes for layout, design, plant species and annual plantings. The gardens specialise in Australian rainforest specimens and has graced the western end of Albury’s central business district.

A little bit of History

With the planting of the first tree in 1877 by Albury’s Mayor Alderman William Jones with an English elm tree, the gardens were originally laid out in the shape of the Union Jack. Later on, the gardens were transformed by J.E.R. Fellowes and his son Walter from 1901 to 1943.

The gardens were later transformed into the present gardenesque style with exotic and Australian sub-tropical rainforest species, including a collection of 100 plus year-old palms from around the world, featuring across the 4-hectare property. Today, the gardens are extremely popular with horticultural enthusiasts and garden lovers from around the country, attracting around 300,000 people a year.

With over 1,000 native and exotic plant species, the Albury Botanic Gardens are the perfect location for school and family excursions to learn more about plants and the local environment.

Focusing on conservation, work is consistently focused on regeneration and replacement of species that have reached the end of their lifespan, in particular the elm trees in Elm Avenue. For more information and history, visit Albury City’s website by clicking here and explore the garden!

What’s new at Albury Botanic Gardens

What’s new at Albury Botanic Gardens?

Today the curved paths and rounded shrub beds give a softer, less formal look to these gardens which once had straight paths and rows of pines, elms, and other trees.

The newest addition to the gardens is the enchanting Children’s Garden, established in 2020 and hidden within the shade and beauty of the Albury Botanic Gardens. Designed by Mary Jeavons, the garden is a place where children can enjoy learning about the environment in a safe, creative, and fun way whilst stimulating their imagination and providing a sense of wonder!

The play space has a wonderful array of items for children to discover as well as trails to explore. Some of the things which may start your child’s imagination running wild are:

  • Life-sized dinosaur with interactive speaking tubes
  • Living cubbies
  • Fairy temple
  • Wetland and creek line
  • Troll cave.

The space is fully fenced and ideal for families who are eager to stimulate the senses through imagination, observation, and play. The Children’s Garden is closed every Wednesday except during the NSW School Holidays to rest the garden and dinosaurs, you know how grumpy they get when sleep deprived! You can visit them any other time from 8:30am until sunset. A big thank you to Albury City and the Friends of the Albury Botanic Gardens working group for making this dream come true.

What else is there to do at Albury Botanic Gardens?

If the thought of playing with dinosaurs isn’t quite your cup of tea, have no fear! Albury’s Botanic Gardens has other options for its guests to immerse themselves into the beauty of nature:

Climate watch trail

Discover the trail and become citizen scientists in your own backyard. The Climate Watch Trail is a fantastic way to engage with the garden’s living collection of Australian native plants and contribute to valuable research in protecting our native plant species.

Your observations will help scientists understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting behaviour of animals and plants. Your observations will be uploaded to the Atlas of Living Australia and can be accessed by the public and scientists studying climate change.

Heritage walk

The Heritage Walk is an exciting chance to relive the past and learn about the Garden’s rich history and its significance. Taking this self-guided walk will introduce you to some of the Garden’s most iconic landmarks from the Main Gates which were officially opened in 1908 by NSW Premier, Mr CG Wade, to the Manchurian Pear which was first planted in 1984 before being replaced in 1992 after being damaged in a storm. See the walk brochure here.

Rainforest walk

The Rainforest Walk introduces you to some of Australia’s rainforest plants which can be found in the sub formations of rainforest in Australia. The walk takes a leisurely 40 minutes to complete and starts north of the main gates with the Bleeding-Heart Tree before finishing with a dry rainforest loving tree, the Macadamia Nut Tree.

Many rainforest plants have attractive glossy green foliage with new leaves flushed with reddish toning, interesting and colourful flowers, unusual fruits, and buttressed tree trunks which make them attractive plants for landscaping. Annual rainfall, temperature, altitude, and soil type determine the four sub formations of rainforest in Australia which are:

  • Dry Rainforest – 600-1100mm
  • Subtropical – 1300mm
  • Warm Temperate – 1300mm
  • Cool Temperate – 1750-3500mm (See the walk brochure here).

Can I get married in Albury Botanical Gardens?

Yes! If you’re looking for a venue where you can be surrounded by natural beauty on your special day, then put Albury Botanic Gardens on the top of your list. With the world’s most diverse collection of Australian plants, nine stunning locations including Elm Avenue, Creek, Schmeidt Monument, Lemon Scented and Rose lawns there is a picturesque setting to suit your big day. Click here to find out more about hosting your wedding ceremony in the Gardens.

Where to stay when visiting Albury Botanic Gardens

Where to stay when visiting Albury Botanic Gardens

Located only 1.3 km away, Garden Court Albury is the perfect place to stay, no matter your reason for exploring the stunning Albury Botanic Gardens. We’re a 3 min car ride or 15 min walk away, so why not come stay at Albury’s best comfort motel? We take pride in being a luxury motel that is sure to exceed all your expectations. With plush bedding, clean, spacious rooms, and a cosy atmosphere, Garden Court Albury is a fantastic choice for both business travellers and holiday makers alike. Book online by clicking here today. Alternatively, please call us on (02) 6021 6244 or email us at