Albury Botanic Gardens – Discover the Unexpected

Albury Botanic Gardens – Discover the Unexpected

Seen one garden seen them all? Albury Botanic Gardens might be small in size when compared to others, but they make up for it with charm. Nestled within the heart of a bustling city, the gardens are the perfect place to sit in quiet contemplation or enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Quick Facts

Established in 1877, Albury Botanic Gardens has a rich history. The original Elm tree, planted by Albury Mayor Alderman William Jones over 130 years ago, still stands in spectacular style. Since then, the gardens have won many awards for layout, design and plant species, as well as attracting visitors from all over the country. In fact, the Gardens attract over 300,000 visitors each year! Home to over 1000+ native and exotic plant species, Albury Botanic Gardens specialises in Australian rainforest specimens and there are many fine examples to see.

Children’s Garden

The Children’s garden is the most recent addition to Albury Botanic Gardens and is a real hit with kids of all ages. This enchanting space has been carefully thought out to stimulate imagination and learning. A life sized dinosaur with interactive speaking tubes, a fairy temple and a troll cave are just some of the wonders for children to explore. There are also a number of specially designed trails for children to walk and run around. The children is open every day (except Wednesdays out of school term so the dinosaur can rest!) from 08.301m. Pack a picnic and enjoy a great family day out.


Albury Botanic Gardens is centrally located and only a 15 minute walk, or 3 minute drive, from Garden Court Motel In Albury. It makes a great morning out, or a wonderful way to while away the afternoon in the shade, surrounded by beauty. Tempted? Find out more about Albury Botanic Gardens and other attractions here. And if you need accommodation in Albury? Contact Us!