Albury as a Wedding Destination

Albury as a Wedding Destination

Why choose Albury as your wedding venue

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life and the right venue will make an extraordinary day unforgettable. Albury is one such perfect wedding destination city that will excite every bride who visits.

When it comes to natural beauty, Albury boasts several inspiring wedding venue locations. The region is also known for its wineries, producing some of the best wine in Australia and these wineries also make for spectacular wedding backdrops. To top it off, Albury has everything just a stone’s throw away from cosy Albury accommodation.

8 Extraordinary Albury Wedding Venues

This list of the top wedding venues in Albury encompasses locations that can cater to every wedding theme, from the traditional and modern to contemporary, boho and everything in between.

Lake Hume

1.      Lake Hume

Lake Hume tops our list for romantic country wedding venues. Its gentle, rolling slopes make it easy to set up for any wedding event from prenup photoshoots to the day itself. The awe-inspiring dam wall takes centre stage and adds to the magnificence of the venue without eclipsing the event.

With a surface area of more than 20,000 hectares, it is three times bigger than Sydney Harbour, which means there are plenty of beautiful wedding spots to choose from. Some of the popular spots include Apex Park (also known as The Pines), Bowna Waters Reserve, Table Top Reserve, and Lake Hume Tourist Park Beach.

Alternatively, water skiing, wakeboarding, or tube riding can add an edge of excitement to any wedding, satisfying the thrill-seeker in anyone, regardless of their experience level.

Murray Art Museum Albury

2.      Murray Art Museum Albury

Contemporary art lovers who are taking their relationship to the next level should probably consider tying the knot at the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA). One of the most visited art venues in the region, MAMA has earned a reputation for its original, innovative exhibits featuring some of the best contemporary artists from Australia and around the world.

MAMA has a whole range of truly special and memorable wedding options and hiring their commercial spaces supports the ongoing work of the museum to showcase the best contemporary art to Albury and the whole of the Murray Region.

Wonga Wetlands

3.      Wonga Wetlands

For couples who are birdwatchers and field naturalists, Wonga Wetlands is the perfect venue to celebrate their passion for each other (and for the birds they love!). The region has more than 350 varieties of birds, an ecosystem of billabongs and lagoons and centuries-old river red gums and scar trees that make Wonga Wetlands a haven for people who love nature. For a winter wedding, immortalise the special day with pelicans and black swans adorning the background, and spring weddings will feature hundreds of wading birds as the backdrop.

Albury Racing Club

4.      Albury Racing Club

Albury Racing Club is a very popular wedding venue, hosting a multitude of functions and events at the racecourse each year and you don’t need to be a horse racing enthusiast to want to be wed at this place. The sheer opulence and grandeur of the Albury Racing Club is an absolute deal clincher.

Noreuil Park

5.      Noreuil Park

Noreuil Park is the most popular riverside park in Albury because it offers plenty of beautiful areas that will make an unforgettable wedding day, from its large grassy spaces, magnificent shade trees and calm waters that reflect the setting sun, Noreuil Park is a truly romantic place.

The Park is located less than a kilometre from the central business district and it can be reached from Albury accommodation venues in a few minutes.


6.      Willowbank

A fourth-generation farming property, Willowbank is a wedding venue favourite amongst Albury locals and visitors alike. With its many secluded and amazing spots, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the most idyllic wedding day photographic memories.

Willowbank is one option – it offers a beautiful and private alternative to traditional wedding venues with an events field that has a panoramic view of the Murray River and the working farmland. Furthermore, Willowbank Events will arrange your transport from your Albury accommodation and back, helping the wedding guests and preserving their pristine environment.

Gypsy Gardens

7.      Gypsy Gardens

Gypsy Gardens is the place to be for a picturesque, dream wedding location, with its beautiful and elegant gardens and winding lawns, it has become one of the top wedding reception venues in the region. Their supreme quality food and attention to detail leave nothing to be desired.

Their beautiful silk-lined marquees can cater to 60 to 150 guests and a canopy of fairy lights, a paved courtyard and four magnificent plane trees add to the romantic vibe of the entire venue.

John Gehrig Wines

8.      John Gehrig Wines

Successfully mixing wine and history, John Gehrig Wines have created the perfect wedding venue for the ceremony and reception, alike. They purchased a heritage-listed winery, which has been restored to what is now known as the Cellar Door. It makes for the perfect place for a rustic and relaxed wedding venue.  Its sprawling vineyard creates a picture-perfect ceremony backdrop and guests will enjoy unlimited access to some of the best wines in Australia.

Select Perfect, Effortless Albury Wedding Accommodation

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