10 Romantic Things to Do in Albury

10 Romantic Things to Do in Albury

Albury as a lovers’ paradise

Finding the perfect Albury accommodation is a challenge if you are not quite sure about which places to visit on your trip. In New South Wales, Albury is one of the perfect places to visit for couples looking for a sweet escape and this city offers almost everything you can think of – a soothing nature, satisfying food, and of course, the experiences that you can keep forever with your significant other.

10 Ways to Show Your Romantic Side in and around Albury

A trip can never go wrong once you’ve found your ideal Albury accommodation. Many attractions are easily accessible, giving you enough time to have a fun trip without getting too exhausted. Take note of these intimate and romantic activities that you can do with your special someone to make your trip memorable:

Enjoy a day at the Albury Botanical Garden

1. Enjoy a day at the Albury Botanical Garden

Everything feels right when it comes to visiting nature and Albury Botanical Garden is your to-go place to appreciate nature. Walk around the Gardens that boast over 1,000 plant species. When a local Indie artist is playing, find a perfect spot to sit on and enjoy the relaxing, romantic ambience that the Garden offers.

Check out the local arts and culture

2. Check out the local arts and culture

Should you want to spend your day familiarising with the region’s art and culture, explore local Albury galleries and museums. Indulge your inner art geek and have a great time visiting the local galleries that bring amazing art treats for you to enjoy.

Here are some of the exciting art galleries and museum to check out:

  • Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA): MAMA’s primary collection focuses on contemporary arts. They combine inspiration and influences from the locals to represent their culture through art pieces.
  • Albury Library Museum: This museum is a safe haven for bibliophile couples and geeks alike. It offers interactive exhibitions as well as reading and researching nooks all under one roof.
  • GIGS Art Gallery and Studio: This art gallery and studio is home to local artists wanting to showcase their different art pieces. You can support and even meet them when you visit.
Attend a picnic date at Lake Hume or Noreuil Park

3. Attend a picnic date at Lake Hume or Noreuil Park

A romantic day will never be complete without something to nibble on. Whether you’ve packed a couple of snacks or a full lunch, a picnic date is a perfect past-time activity in Albury. Besides the Botanical Garden, other local parks offer nature landscapes that will serve as your ideal backdrop for a picnic date.

Visit Albury’s Lake Hume or Noreuil Park for relaxing picnic sites where you can lay down your rug and have a sweet midday date with your partner.

Plan your romantic dinner at must-try Albury restaurants

4. Plan your romantic dinner at must-try Albury restaurants

End your day or begin date-night with one of the famous diners offering you an unforgettable romantic aura paired with mouth-watering cuisine. Surprise your special someone at one of the restaurants, serving courses of delicious meals in Albury.

Here are some restaurants options available for dinner reservations:

  • Miss Amelie offers an elegant European dining experience.
  • La Maison Restaurant is a must-visit restaurant for a sophisticated romantic dinner.
  • Saludos is great if you are looking for Mediterranean cuisine to spice up your lovely night.
Experience water adventures together

5. Experience water adventures together

Aside from the local parks, museums, and restaurants, water adventures await you at Albury! There are plenty of water activities for active couples that you can choose from before visiting Albury.

Adventure Ski is a must add to an adventurous itinerary, to try out waterboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding, and tube rides. Unforgettable!

If you want a much relaxing experience, you can simply enjoy a dip in Lake Hume or paddle boarding.

Revel with your significant other some local Albury pubs and clubs

6. Revel with your significant other some local Albury pubs and clubs

You cannot miss the nightlife in Albury. From casual drinks to hitting the dance floor, it’s just an experience not to skip. Tag along with your partner for a happy hour in some of our local pubs, offering you hospitality and memories. Some local pubs and clubs for you to check out include:

  • Public House: If you are looking to meet locals, don’t miss out on visiting Public House, known for their local craft beers.
  • The Bended Elbow: This is the place to be if you want a chill and classic ambience paired with an ice-cold beer.
  • Zed Bar: This contemporary, fashionable pub is the way to go for the young and young at heart, with its modern touches and menu.

7. Book an Albury day tour

If your time is limited and plan to stay in Albury for only a day or two, tour services can help. Some day trips highlight the best places to go to in Albury and you may inform your tour guide if you want to have an exclusive tour just for you and your partner, for a romantic, personal touch.

Book a spa service at your Albury accommodation

8. Book a spa service at your Albury accommodation

After a long day around the town, your body might ask you for a treat which is why some Albury accommodation offers spa services. Book one or a few spa services to soothe and relax your body as you end your day from your travel activities.

Propose to your special person

9. Propose to your special person

For guys or girls out there, you might want to take your relationship to the next level! With its romantic atmosphere, Albury is a special place to get that resounding ‘yes’. From romantic backdrops to historical spaces, Albury has a special spot, just for you both.

Hold your romantic wedding in Albury

10. Hold your romantic wedding in Albury

Nothing’s going to beat this most romantic activity – your wedding. Several function halls offer wedding events and packages as you open a new chapter of your life with your fiancé or fiancée, so let Albury witness your undying devotion as you proclaim your vows and story as you hold your wedding in this inspiring City.

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